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Showcase@ Lee Kum Kee

Over the past few years, INMYSHOW has partnered with Lee Kum Kee, a Hong Kong-based food company with over a hundred years’ history, specializing in manufacturing Chinese- style sauces. Lee Kum Kee engaged INMYSHOW to help them expand more efficiently in digital channels in China as well as in the new markets of the US.

In order to identify the most viable opportunities for immersive brand engagement and direct product trial, we introduced the topic #128TastyFormula on their Facebook page.

This topic introduced their special 1-2-8 recipe formula of making various food such as Mapo tofu, steamed spicy fish rolls, and onion and pork chop that involved using Lee Kum Kee’s sauces. The recipes were all well-written in both Chinese and English along with a short tip video that satisfied the customers speaking either language.

The #128TastyFormula allowed consumers to interact with the brand through encouraging them to share their own 1-2-8 recipe formula so as to have the chance to win a pair of panda chopsticks.

In totality, the #128TastyFormula experience was a highly successful activation, confirmed by direct feedback from our customers. We increased over 6000 followers on their Facebook page through this event.

In addition, we also had #Halloween on their Facebook page during the Halloween season, introducing the recipe of fried pumpkin with sesame and Lee Kum Kee premium soy sauce.

Both of them drive consumers to the website and digital experience, and ultimately, to purchase.

In the Chinese market, we sought to build engagement via digital content through the two biggest social media platforms in China: WeChat and Weibo. We published 806 posts on WeChat and 643 posts on Weibo, involving food recipes, daily topics, and small tips in cooking. We got annual page views of over a hundred thousand on WeChat and had over 3 million interactions with users on Weibo.

Overall, INMYSHOW was able to successfully expose the right consumers to the brand and reinforce its credibility and market leadership in the category.

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