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WeChat vs Weibo for your business needs.

Weibo “MicroBlogging”

  • Owned by Sina

  • Accessed via PC and mobile – content open to all users

  • One-to-all broadcast

  • Stronger transmission capacity to a broader audience

  • Frequent updates featuring immediate distribution of information

  • No characters (use to be 140 Chinese words) and up to 9 embedded photos and 1 video

  • Use hashtags, articles

  • Effective for branding reach through MASSIVE transmission

WeChat “MicroMessaging”

  • Owned by Tencent

  • Normally accessed on mobile devices – only reach subscribers

  • Contacts based one-to-one communication

  • Privacy and communication in Friend Circle

  • 1 push message with up to 8 rich content tweets per day allowing in-depth knowledge and information sharing

  • No limit on word count, photos or videos in push message for subscribers.

  • Fastest growing

  • Effective for maintaining connection

Weibo works for discovery of new companies, brands or services to follow, and users go on there to search for new things. Weibo is still a valuable avenue to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s viral.

WeChat is quite differently. Wechat enables brands to have one-to-one, personal communication with followers. However, as a contacts based messaging app, no matter how great it is, it’s very hard for customers to find you unless they know your specific username (for example, China Merchants Bank is “cmbchina-95555”).

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