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Our Clients

Thanks for all the support and business from our clients as following as  more can't be listed fully in this list

Your all in one agency for social media/mobile marketing

Case Study


@新百伦Newbalance(Weibo), One of the tops shoe brands in the world, but a stranger for Chinese. We together to mix products info into every single post and target the young clients in China.  With our promotion service, the growth of NewBalance official account followers is explosive.

The topics #新青年•新轻年#, #向爱跑,跑向爱#  we run for NewBalance beat other  valentine's day’s topic. There are more 80,000 retweets, and NewBalance’s China online shop has to rise in price to due to high sales volume.



The world #1 toy brand. The Lego fans in China are not only children but also many adults just like the other countries. However, where are they?

@乐高中国(Lego China official Weibo) chose us to be the helper to locate the potential customers.  During the promotion, we successfully ran several campaigns. Especially the #乐高人间大炮# one, which lasted 16 days, attracted  40734 fans and 2,368,273 PV.​



2011, Along with Kobe Bryant became the Imaging Ambassador of Smart China, Smart China decided Weibo as the main marketing platform of the new version TVC and new slogan. 

With the wonderful advertising materials, and Kobe’s 25 cities’ promotion, we brought @奔驰smart(Smart China official Weibo account)4,505,123 visitors, and doubled their follower from 65,772 to 125,048.

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