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At present, we have tailored marketing plan and strategies for more than 200 well-known brands in the industries such as automobile, IT digital, FMCG, household items, finance, and communications with 24million users.  Furthermore, we have successfully served more than 20,000 small and midsize e-commerce companies with more than 24 million users.  Through our WEIQ platform and WBS marketing model, many of our clients have successfully reconstructed their brand names and increased the consumer conversion rates.  As of now, our clients include Apple Inc., Haier, Lego, TCL, Fresh Foam, SMART, and etc.  Its partners include, Mercedes Bens, Canon, Coca-Cola, The North Face, Hyundai Beijing and etc.


In the past several years, INMYSHOW CHINA received many honors and awards, which include: 2009 Golden Mouse Annual Excellent Online Marketing Case Award; China Advertising Association Media Innovation Marketing Special Golden Prize and Grand Prix; Most Effective Online Advertising Award; 2010 China Innovation Marketing Case Award; 2011 Entrepreneur China Media & 2011 Annual Innovation Growth Top 100; 2011 China Interactive Network Advertisement; Adworld 2011 Annual Marketing Award, Annual Excellent Interactive Award; 2012 Festival of Media Global – Best Effect Award; 2013 Production of multiple social online business integrated marketing cases, achievement of 5 million monthly sales;2014 Wang Laoji Tencent World Cup Marketing Project Best Creativity Award; and etc.

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