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Public Relations


We offer marketing strategy and business development services for our clients to expand in the Chinese market.

top social medias in China

We can help you achieve more, through the use of services such as celebrity endorsements.

Our paterners include but are not limited to Weibo, WeChat, QQ, QZone, Toutiao, Sina News, 163 News, iFeng News.

Our social media marketing and internet public relationship resources are more powerful than you may expect. Our resources include 500 million Weibo users and 549 million WeChat users.

Social Media


Fans Top, the targeting editorial Ads tool for Weibo.

Widepost, the targeting editorial Ads tool for Tencent products such as WeChat and QQ.

WeiQ, the largest influencer network in China. 

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App Promotion

Profeissional Apple Store Optimization​ and Android App promotion team.  


We are good at Big-Data analysis, allowing easy visualization of audience and internet semantics analysis, LBS, and mobile based RTB target marketing.


Our data base covers over 500,000,000 mobile users (DMP) . We are connected to over 200,000 mobile medias to cover a rand of 300,000,000 daily users through Private Marketplace (PMP). 

Social Media Operation

No Chinese speaking employee on your team? We’ve got you covered.


Don’t have staff that will work all night to cover the time zone? We’ve got you covered.



Our social media account operation team is full of creative talents to deliver the intresting contecnts to your customers, and they are in China to interact with the customers in time. 



We are authorized to sell Weibo Data. (largest Chinese social media, it is a combination of Facebook and Twitter in China)


Please contact us for more details.


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