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For the last few years, we can see that there is a tremendous increase in desire among Chinese consumers to shop in the US and European countries for American brands and European luxury goods. We expect this growth of Chinese consumers to continue throughout the holiday season, particularly when discounts and promotions are available.

Alibaba completed the largest tech IPO in history and has spent the past few years working with U.S. retailers to make it easier for Chinese consumers to make the purchase overseas online. This year, Alibaba has partnered with Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, and Bloomingdales’s, aiming to bring Black Friday to China.


According to the need of the client, we selected 11 top influencers whose followers are the potential Chinese customers in both China and the United States. They are asked to share the Black Friday promotion via Weibo through topics related to ‘Black Friday Sale’ or ‘Alipay’ and interact with their followers so as to attract more consumers for the big sale.


Campaign: Black Friday influencer marketing

Target Audience: Chinese in the U.S and overseas shopper

Impressions: 1,054,257

Followers Coverage: 7,162,798

Influencers Involved: 11

Creative Contents: 2

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